Zemo welcomes new funding and focus on powered light vehicles on first anniversary of Transport Decarbonisation Plan

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Thu 14 July 2022 View all news

Zemo Partnership welcomes the announcement of new funding alongside a Government consultation on the decarbonisation of the powered light vehicle (L-category) sector in the UK. The consultation builds on proposals in Zemo's 'Action Plan' - developed jointly with the Motorcycle Industry Association (MCIA) - and prepared in response to a commitment in the landmark Transport Decarbonisation Plan which has reached its first anniversary today.

L-category vehicles range from light two-wheelers (including mopeds and many scooters) to heavy quadricycles, ideal for last mile deliveries. Currently, this sector is dominated by motorcycles but Zemo and partners believe that other sub-categories of vehicle in this sector could also make a significant contribution to reducing pollution and cutting carbon emissions, particularly in urban areas.

The consultation proposes that the sale of new non-zero emission motorbikes and mopeds will be ended by 2035 at the latest, with sales of some sub-categories ending earlier, in 2030. The consultation has been announced as part of a package marking one year since the publication of the Transport Decarbonisation Plan.  

With moped sales already 45% electric in 2022, there's no doubt that some makers of powered light vehicles have already embraced the benefits of electric power, but ensuring that the whole sector follows suit - and is consequently included in infrastructure considerations and decarbonisation policy - is paramount.

The Department for Transport has also announced £350,000 funding of the joint Zemo/MCIA initiative for a competition to help industry develop a manufacturing base for small, emission-free vehicles which it says could lead to the creation of thousands of new jobs across the UK. Successful applicants for the fund, will undertake research to support the production and distribution of new, 'green' vehicles within the sector.

Responding to the announcements, Zemo Partnership's Chief Executive, Andy Eastlake, said: "Powered light vehicles have the potential to make an important contribution to the decarbonisation of road transport, help to improve air quality and reduce congestion on our roads. Using the right vehicle for the right journey is going to become increasingly important; we need to use all the (right-sized) tools in the box to achieve our targets. 

"We welcome the recognition and support the Government has given in building on our 'Action Plan' for this sector as well as the new funding support which will encourage innovation.

"We aim to provide more details about how this fund will be used in the early autumn, at our PLV village within the Cenex-LCV Event, UTAC Millbrook 7-8 September. We invite expressions of interest from industry in either supporting or, potentially, benefiting from the fund."

Celebrating the first anniversary of the Transport Decarbonisation Plan, the Government highlights areas of progress over the last year, many of which Zemo and its members have been instrumental in delivering. It says that almost 7,500 extra electric vehicle chargepoints have been installed, supporting 900,000 'green' vehicles now on UK roads. The production of zero emission vehicles alone, the Government says, has the potential to support 72,000 'green' jobs worth up to £9.7 billion in gross value added by 2050.

The deadline for responses to the Government's L-category consultation is 22 September.  Zemo will be collaborating closely with members and key stakeholders in preparing a response.

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