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Mon 27 June 2022 View all news

Zemo Partnership has responded to the Government's invitation to make a written submission to a technical consultation on proposals for a zero emission vehicle (ZEV) mandate for cars and vans sold in the UK. 

The ZEV mandate has been proposed as a further means of encouraging vehicle manufacturers to accelerate the transition to zero emission light vehicles (< 3.5T).  The mandate will require manufacturers to achieve specific sales trajectories for zero emission vehicles between 2024 and the final cut-off for non-ZE light vehicles in 2035.  Separate trajectories are being proposed for both cars and vans, recognising differing levels of market maturity. 

The Department for Transport were seeking input on a wide range of topics relating to the mandate, including the operation of a proposed certification scheme, the generation of credits, the ability to bank, borrow and trade credits, and whether credits should have life beyond a single year.  Alongside the ZEV mandate, DfT also sought input on how the non-ZEV portion of the fleet should be defined and managed, including specific CO2 targets for that section of the market.

Zemo's input to the consultation was informed through a series of stakeholder meetings (including OEMs and other partners) as well as a members' workshop, held in late-May. The response included ten 'key points', including agreement with the proposal that cars and vans will need separate trajectories as well as calling for the mandate to be kept as simple as possible. (Zemo members can access more information, via this link.)

Zemo's submission was backed up by a meeting between DfT and Zemo staff who had been involved in facilitating the discussion. DfT staff have indicated that they will continue to discuss parts of the legislation with key stakeholders and Zemo has offered ongoing assistance in this regard.

Zemo would like to thank the many members who contributed to this submission on the ZEV mandate.

Photo: Ed Harvey, Unsplash

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