Zemo Partnership response to Prime Minister's policy statement on net zero

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Wed 20 September 2023 View all news

Zemo Partnership's response to today's net zero policy announcement from the Prime Minister...

" While we welcome the Government's reaffirmed commitment to Net Zero by 2050 we’re concerned that the signals these changes send to business and investors could jeopardise both our ability to meet climate targets and to harvest the huge economic opportunities that the transition offers for Britain’s automotive and associated industries.

“Industry and investors (and consumers) need policy consistency and certainty to deliver the best outcomes for UK Plc.  The revised 2035 phase-out deadline represents a watering down of the hybrid car requirements from 2030 (which had not been defined anyway) but still puts the UK in line with EU countries zero tailpipe emission targets for cars. However, the lack of detail of the trajectory (through the ZEV Mandate) for cars and the absence of any mention for other vehicles or for renewable fuels, continues to leave very worrying gaps in the net zero transport agenda, with transport acknowledged as one of the most urgent and challenging sectors to decarbonise.

“Along with many of our 250+ member organisations, Zemo will be looking closely for ‘devils in the details’ in policies that will follow these high-level announcements. We will be doubling down on our activity to bring all stakeholders together to accelerate the transition to net zero transport together.”

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