Zemo EV battery life-cycle webinar attracts over 300 registrations

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Wed 27 October 2021 View all news

Presentations and event materials from Zemo Partnership's recent webinar 'Insights into EV battery life-cycle analysis' will be available to members soon. The event achieved high levels of interest with over 300 delegates registering for the event and more than 150 attending the live session.

The event was chaired by Zemo's Gloria Esposito whose introduction highlighted the importance of life-cycle analysis (LCA) as new vehicle technologies and energy supply chains emerge in the transition to net zero GHG emissions. 

Speakers included Jon Regnart of the Advanced Propulsion Centre who spoke on the subject of a 'Battery chemistry and technology roadmap' including discussion about the CO2 embedded in battery supply chains from energy intensive processes, battery chemistries with lower environmental impacts, and future options for reducing critical material dependency.

Jarod Kelly, Argonne National Laboratory, presented on 'Lithium battery life cycle analysis emissions and energy', looking at the GREET model and how critical material supply chains are in determining the LCA performance of batteries.

Dr Robert Pell, Minviro, presented analysis showing the sensitivity of the production of certain materials in terms of the overall battery life cycle in his presentation entitled 'The ranging impact of materials used in EV batteries'. 

Dominic Wells, Wood Mackenzie, discussed 'The effects of ESG-based policies on the lithium sector', focusing on how carbon taxes will elevate the cost base of lithium producers, comparing lithium produced from hard rock and via brine.  

Finally, Dr Stuart Coles of the University of Warwick discussed 'The outlook for EV batteries and their environmental impact: 2025 and beyond' on the proposed EU mandates for recycled content in batteries, highlighting the need for further knowledge and data in this area.

Two further webinars focusing on life-cycle analysis are planned for December 2021 and January 2022.  Details to follow.

The presentation material is now available for members on the Zemo website here.  For those unable to attend, a recording of the webinar is also available for Zemo members here

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