Zemo celebrates 'Key Achievements' of latest year

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Wed 29 June 2022 View all news

Zemo has published a new document detailing the Partnership's latest key activities and achievements. Over the last year, Zemo has successfully delivered over 50 initiatives focused on delivering the net zero transition in road transport.

We’ve run over 40 workshops, webinars, meetings and conferences across working groups, informing and engaging more than 1,500 stakeholders on all aspects of the zero emissions transition; we've been the convenor of the Electric Vehicle Energy Taskforce, which has published a ground-breaking series of reports; we've established a new Energy Infrastructure Working Group; we've established a range of fuels-focused projects, including the innovative Renewable Fuels Assurance Scheme; we've investigated the potential for hydrogen to help decarbonise transport; we've been revving up the successful transition to zero emission buses, raising awareness and adding to the evidence-base; we've also played a pivotal role in the commercial vehicle sector where progress is now accelerating - including preparing the way for the Zero Emission Road Freight Trials. 

Click on the link to Zemo Partnership's Achievements 2021-2 for more details. 

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