World carbon emissions surging - IEA

Tue 26 October 2004 View all news

Global carbon dioxide emissions are projected to be almost 40% higher by the end of the decade than they were in 1990 despite growing use of renewable energy according to the International Energy Agency.

Energy demand is forecast to rise 60% by 2030, with two-thirds of the increase coming from developing countries.

Meanwhile, WWF have criticised the UK Government for increasing the UK's allowances of CO2 emissions under the EU's Emissions Trading Scheme by 19.8 million tonnes. According to WWF this represents the equivalent of polluting emissions from putting an extra seven million cars on the road.

Defra responded by saying that projections for UK carbon emissions are now 56MtCO2 higher than they were when initial projections were made.

 They added that the overall level of allowances is "still consistent with the UK's domestic goal of moving towards a 20% reduction in CO2 emissions on 1990 levels by 2010".

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