Welsh Parliament Committee publishes 'Decarbonisation of transport' report

Thu 16 July 2020 View all news

The Economy, Infrastructure and Skills Committee of the Welsh Parliament has published a report making 15 recommendations for the 'Decarbonisation of transport' in Wales. LowCVP's MD Andy Eastlake provided evidence to the Committee and his evidence is cited in several sections of the report.
Amongst the report's recommendations are: 
  • Recommendation 1. The Welsh Government should outline what consideration it is giving to energy and grid capacity issues for running fully electric vehicle fleets in Wales and how is it building that into the Welsh planning system, and to provide assurances about its sustainability plans for managing the procurement and circular recycling of electric batteries
  • Recommendation 2. The Welsh Government should update the latest position with its plans for the EV infrastructure network and when it intends to publish its EV strategy. Alongside information on charging infrastructure the Welsh Government should also clearly set out its approach to ensuring taxi / PHV and bus operators themselves adopt EVs by the Government’s target date of 2028.
  • Recommendation 3. The Welsh Government should provide an update on the level and expected impact of its support to local authorities in response to Covid-19 for “pop-up measures” to encourage safe active travel and discourage private car use, and how it will monitor and evaluate success.
  • Recommendation 4. Welsh Government should provide an update on plans for, and progress with, the development of UK-wide specifications, standards and long-term cost modelling for low-emission EV technology to be deployed in Wales. 

For the full list of recommendations, download the full report here

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