Welsh Government allies with Zemo Partnership to accelerate commercial vehicle decarbonisation

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Tue 30 April 2024 View all news

The Welsh Government has contracted multi-stakeholder decarbonisation experts Zemo Partnership to support the delivery of a strategy to decarbonise Wales’ commercial vehicle sector. 

Commercial vehicles are responsible for nearly 20 per cent of total road transport greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions UK-wide and – along with light vans (16% of total) – have seen their emissions rise since 2011. (During this period, overall UK road transport GHG emissions have fallen by around 9 per cent).

The transport CV-sector is one of the biggest decarbonisation challenges as Wales strives to achieve net zero emissions by 2050.

Utilising Zemo Partnership’s established links and twenty years’ experience in the development of expert stakeholder communities, the Wales Commercial Vehicle Decarbonisation programme will provide the basis for the Welsh Government to develop and implement a strategy to decarbonise both heavy and light-duty commercial vehicles operating in Wales. The focus will be on sustainable, renewable fuels, electrification and the potential role for hydrogen.

The programme will deliver a bespoke set of recommendations and establish the stakeholder community/ies required to support implementation in Wales. Zemo Partnership will work closely with the Welsh Government to develop strategy recommendations and routes to delivery.  

Commenting on the project, Ken Skates MS, Cabinet Secretary for North Wales and Transport in the Government for Wales said: “We’re excited by the potential of this project to stimulate and accelerate the decarbonisation of commercial vehicles in Wales which we view as a key challenge on our path to net zero.”

Zemo Partnership’s Executive Director, Claire Haigh, said: “We’re delighted to have been asked to work alongside the Welsh Government at this key time in transport’s decarbonisation transition.

“The technologies that will deliver decarbonised transport are increasingly known and understood. It’s time to work even more closely together to break down the remaining barriers and ramp-up the introduction of the cleaner, zero-emission technologies of tomorrow.

“We see this great initiative in Wales as a trailblazer project for the rest of the UK, helping to show the way to decarbonising commercial vehicles and the wider transport sector.”

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