Venture capital funding support for 'transformational' ideas in sustainable transport

Wed 18 May 2022 View all news

Up to £250,000 in investment for new businesses will be available through a programme being launched by venture capital company Zinc this October. The programme will support the creation of new businesses aiming to transform the industries that have the most impact on the environment.

The programme, known as Venture Builder, will bring together 70 talented individuals from across academia, industry, engineering and technology to find co-founders and launch new businesses. These founders may arrive pre-idea, but with a passion to make a difference.

In the first six months, individuals will receive a £12,000 stipend, attend a structured programme of seminars, workshops and talks, receive executive coaching and introductions to world-leading experts in their relevant sectors, and gain guidance from Zinc’s dedicated R&D team. At the end of six-months, the company will invest in around 15 businesses, who will receive an initial investment of 75k, followed later by 150k, and a further 6 months of support.

The 2022 programme aims to impact the following areas:

  • Transport
  • Farming, fishing and food
  • Construction and building operations
  • Manufacturing and supply chain

Zinc is looking for people with "entrepreneurial spirit and the ambition to create a commercial business on a global scale". 

For more information you can read the full mission manifesto here or click here for more details on how to apply.

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