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New research by Ipsos MORI finds that three-quarters (76%) of the UK public agree the UK should do more to combat climate change. However, the public is not convinced of the country’s ability to deliver on climate and wants to see more action.

The survey of 9,999 UK adults aged 16+ found that over half (55%) are not confident that the Government will take the actions needed to help combat climate change within the next few years (40% are confident). 

However, Ipsos MORI says, the UK public sees the country as a ‘climate hero’ in the G20. The UK was ranked highest when people were asked to say which countries across the G20 were doing most to tackle the issue.   36% chose the UK, followed by Germany (25%) and Canada (16%).  The main ‘climate villains’ across the G20 were seen as China (57%), the US (36%) and India (26%), as these are considered to be the countries doing least to help.

Most of the survey respondents (63%) said it's right that developed countries who have contributed most to the climate emergency by producing the most carbon emissions should pay more to solve the problem, while only 17% disagree. Slightly more people think that the Government's plans to double climate finance aid over the next 5 years to £11.6 billion should be increased compared with those who think it should be cut.  

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