UK Infrastructure Bank and Octopus Investments in £100m fund to scale-up infrastructure for net zero

Thu 19 May 2022 View all news

The UK Infrastructure Bank and Octopus investments have announced a new fund to provide scale-up capital for the next generation of infrastructure projects across the UK. The Octopus Sustainable Infrastructure Fund (OSIF) will provide growth capital to companies looking to roll out and support sustainable infrastructure projects such as battery storage and EV charging.

The UKIB will invest up to £100m on a match-funding basis, unlocking between £100m to £300m of private capital. The fund will invest in the companies developing and rolling out sustainable infrastructure projects in emerging sectors for whom mainstream debt financing is not yet available. Projects could, for example include battery storage and electric vehicle charging.

CEO of the UK Infrastructure Bank, John Flint said: “This investment could unlock over £100m of private funding into new green industries and help people across the UK to benefit from innovation in their local area.

Robert Skinner, Head of Alternative Investments, Octopus Investments said: “The scale of the UK’s net zero ambitions will require billions of pounds of investment. Some of that money needs to be channelled towards scaling up the emerging infrastructure technologies, companies and assets across critical sectors, such as digital infrastructure like small cells and green data centres, battery storage, electric vehicle charging and waste management. These are the sectors will form the foundations of our sustainable economy and energy system in the years to come."

The UK Infrastructure Bank opened for business in June 2021 to tackle climate change and boost growth across the United Kingdom.

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