Trudy Harrison joins DfT ministerial team, replacing Rachel Maclean

Fri 17 September 2021 View all news

Trudy Harrison MP has joined the Department for Transport ministerial team, replacing Rachel Maclean who was minister responsible for the Net Zero transition.

Harrison, the winner of the (formerly Labour) Copeland constituency in Cumbria, has been appointed Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State replacing Maclean, who moves to the Home Office having taken responsibility for the publication of the Transport Decarbonisation Plan.

Harrison formerly served as the Prime Minister’s Parliamentary Private Secretary (PPS) from December 2019 and, prior to that, as a PPS working in the Departments for Education, Defence and Transport.

Before entering politics she worked in the nuclear industry, as a nursery owner and for Copeland Borough Council. She is a strong advocate of nuclear power and has supported proposals for a new coalmine in Whitehaven, within her constituency.

At the time of writing, Harrison's roles and responsibilities had not yet been confirmed on the DfT website. However, as reported by Zemo Partnership elsewhere, she appeared at the recent Cenex-LCV event and spoke to this agenda shortly after her appointment by the Prime Minister.

Zemo Partnership has written a letter of welcome to Ms Harrison and looks forward to opportunities for engagement soon.

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