Survey: Two-thirds of car buyers say environmental performance a factor in purchase choice

Wed 05 January 2022 View all news

A recent survey by the price comparison website MoneySuperMarket found that 66% considered the environmental impact of their latest vehicle before purchasing it, with a third (33%) saying it was the primary consideration. The survey also found that drivers say they will be willing to pay over £2k more for a vehicle with a greener emissions rating in future.

When asked about their next purchase in the context of the 2030 phase-out of new petrol and diesel vehicles; there was an even greater  shift in mindset, with over half (52%) saying that the environmental impact of a vehicle would be the primary consideration when deciding on their next car purchase. Nearly two-fifths (39%) said they are more likely to buy a hybrid car or electric car specifically due to the 2030 deadline, while almost a third (28%) said it’s causing them to think more carefully about the harmful impact cars have on the environment.

Two thirds (66%) of motorists surveyed said they worry about the impact their current car has on the environment. On average, respondents stated that they would be prepared to spend £2,384 more for a vehicle that was better for the environment.

The study also used insurance enquiry volumes for car makes and models combined with data from the AIR Index, which ranks vehicles from A (most environmentally friendly) to E (least environmentally friendly). It showed that Luton and Peterborough had the highest proportion of car insurance enquiries for vehicles with the highest CO2 and NOx emissions. 

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