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Zemo Partnership's first annual conference - since the transition from LowCVP - will take place on Tuesday 20 July. The event is free to delegates and is now open for bookings!

The Conference will be an online, fully interactive event focused on how decarbonisation plans for transport will affect people and organisations and how we must work together to deliver them.  The event is held in association with Net Zero Week 2021, of which Zemo Partnership is a partner.

The Conference is to take place after the expected publication of the Government's transport decarbonisation plan. It will focus on what the policies will mean for individuals and businesses. Sessions will delve into the real world challenges of the transition and how we can work individually and together to resolve them.

'Making it real: what does the zero emission revolution mean for you?'
Where is the transport decarbonisation plan taking us?

Conference themes & questions:

  • Can the decarbonisation plan for transport set UK on a trajectory to zero transport emissions?
  • What are the key barriers to achieving the plan’s provisions & how can these be removed?  
  • What do the transport changes to come mean for individuals and groups of road users?
  • What are the likely solutions and key enablers of the change?  (Hear from some leading proponents.)
  • What is Zemo Partnership doing to accelerate progress?

The event will feature surveys, polls, interactive questions, networking and other innovative features enabled by the digital technology.

Last year's Annual Conference (as LowCVP) attracted over 700 senior-level delegates. Secretary of State Grant Shapps spoke at the event along with other high profile and expert speakers. (See event details and resources here.) 

Zemo Partnership's 2021 annual conference is held in association with Net Zero Week 2021. Net Zero Week  is a government and industry-backed national awareness week; a focal point generating awareness and much needed momentum for businesses and consumers.

Register now for the Zemo Partnership 2021 annual conference via this link. 

For further details about the event, visit the event web page

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