RECHARGE UK sets out roadmap for establishment of EV charging infrastructure

Thu 20 July 2023 View all news

A new report from the REA’s EV arm RECHARGE UK has published a report which sets out key recommendations to ensure that chargepoint deployment keeps up with the growth in UK EV sales. The report reaffirms several of the findings of the final progress report of the EV Energy Taskforce which was recently published.

The report, entitled ‘Charging forward to 2030: Critical success factors for the deployment and operation of UK-wide inclusive EV charging infrastructure’ sets out insights into which parts of the UK are likely to experience high levels of public charging demand and associated energy demand.

It sets out how to accelerate the roll-out of EV charging by breaking down the policy and regulatory barriers to chargepoint deployment and meet the energy demand on the grid by 2030 from public charging. 

The report calls for more joined-up thinking between stakeholders involved in accelerating the transition to clean energy and transport and highlights a need to further promote green skills to fill the skills gaps that will emerge by 2030.  

RECHARGE UK (previously known as the REA EV Forum) published the report with the support of ChargeSafe, Field Dynamics, GreenFlux, Syzygy, Trojan Energy and Zap Map. RECHARGE UK is chaired by Mark Constable, Head of Public Affairs at Zemo member company, Trojan Energy.

Mark Constable of Trojan Energy, the newly appointed Chair of Recharge UK, said: "Most of the net zero transition over the next decade won't be delivered by people who are currently working in the clean transport and energy sectors. Instead, it will be largely delivered by people who are currently in other jobs or are still in education – people who are just setting out on their career path.

"So there needs to be a holistic approach to the influx of skills needed across all age ranges and across all backgrounds, to help them get into the industry and ultimately help get the UK over the finishing line."

The RECHARGE UK report reaffirms many of the proposals put forward in the Zemo-convened EV Energy Taskforce Progress Report which has recently been published.

The EV Energy Taskforce report says that we’re still in the earlier stages of this historic transition and there are many challenges to come. It shows that progress has been made against the targets and objectives outlined by the Taskforce two years ago but there is a long road ahead and no room for complacency that this job is anywhere near complete. It identifies what actions need to be taken – many of them to an accelerated timescale – to deliver the future road transport system we need.

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