Polestar launches call for collaborators in 'moonshot' project to create truly carbon neutral car

Thu 09 December 2021 View all news

Polestar is to launch a call to action for participants to collaborate in a 'moonshot goal' to create a truly climate neutral car by 2030 without offsetting. 

In April this year the Volvo spin-off which specialises in electric vehicles announced the Polestar 0 project which aims to remove emissions throughout the complete supply chain and across vehicle production and logistics.

Polestar says that making a product as complicated as a car truly climate-neutral is an unprecedented challenge. They have announced the formation of a dedicated internal project team led by Hans Pehrson, former Head of Research and Development, an engineer and automotive veteran of thirty years.

The project has been split into three stages, building up to the 2030 target. The first stage will address research and primarily target the CO2e contributors that are today furthest from technological solutions. The taskforce is now focusing on establishing collaborations to jointly find technical sources of CO2e in the entire supply chain, down to the smallest components – from material extraction (or recycled sources) to vehicle handover. Every step needs to be evaluated based on whether solutions are readily available or research is needed.

Polestar says that initial conversations have begun with existing and future suppliers, whilst Polestar continues to search for research and collaboration partners.

Zemo Partnership has long championed the need for full life cycle analysis to be central to policy considerations as we transition to zero tailpipe emissions solutions such as battery electric and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. With the rapid progress and policy drivers on the pathway to decarbonising the in-use phase, Zemo is currently running a project to examine the role of vehicle life cycle emissions in meeting net zero (link). 

Image courtesy Polestar


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