Norwich and Preston become CIVITAS Cities

Wed 26 May 2004 View all news

Norwich and Preston are among 17 new European cities to join an existing group of 19 cities, supported under the EC’s CIVITAS Programme, in combating congestion and pollution through new technologies, innovative planning measures, enhanced energy efficiency and use of alternative fuels.

The aim of the initiative, through which the EC provides 35% funding, is to promote the development of attractive alternatives to the use of private cars in cities. The objectives of CIVITAS are in line with the Commission's strategy to substitute 20% of the diesel and petrol fuels used in the road transport sector by 2020.

Other measures to be introduced, as part of an integrated approach, include: New traveller information and transport management systems; The creation of "clean zones" in city centres, where just clean vehicles are allowed; Innovative promotional and awareness campaigns for public transport; Flexible parking charging systems based on environmental indicators.


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