New PowerShift and CleanUp grant regime takes effect

Tue 04 May 2004 View all news

From April 2004, grants offered through the Energy Saving Trust's PowerShift and CleanUp programmes have been reduced, and fixed at standard levels for all vehicle categories.


The average grant offered through TransportEnergy PowerShift, the programme established to ‘kick-start’ markets for cleaner, alternative fuel vehicles, will be reduced by around 30%. Grants for LPG vehicles producing the lowest emissions benefits are scrapped, but there are additional incentives for the best performing trucks running on natural gas.


Grants through CleanUp, TransportEnergy’s air quality programme, will be cut by around 25%, but additional incentives are introduced to encourage uptake of the latest emissions reduction technologies.


The announcement, which follows a stakeholder consultation, simplifies the grant regimes for TransportEnergy’s programmes.

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