New market report provides operators with data for electrifying bus, truck and van fleets

Wed 24 November 2021 View all news

A new Quarterly Report to provide fleet operators with technical information on zero emissions vehicles available in the bus, truck and van markets has been launched by Zemo member Evenergi which provides transition plans to vehicle fleet owners around the world.

The report provides information on the vehicles available in each of the markets covered, when new vehicles are coming to market as well as advice on how the vehicles can  expected to perform. The report is designed to support fleets making the first moves into electrifying their fleet vehicles. 

The first quarterly Evenergi Bus, Truck and Van (BTV) UK availability and market update report is now (and will continue to be) available as a free online resource as part of the company's software platform in the coming months.

Evenergi says the initial report is a test in many ways, and the authors are looking forward to feedback from customers and interested industry parties to help refine and improve the report each quarter.

The report was recently introduced in the Australia market and Evenergi says it was met with enthusiastic feedback from fleet operators. 

The report is available for download via this link

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