New car environmental label shows car buyers the way to lower running costs and emissions

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Tue 28 April 2020 View all news

As car dealerships begin to open their doors to customers, motorists will find it much easier to discover which new car could cost them the least to run and – crucially – has the lowest emissions. A new car 'environmental label, redesigned by LowCVP for the new WLTP regime, includes new information that’s clearer, easier to follow and actively encourages motorists to consider low or zero-emissions cars.
The new labels - redesigned by LowCVP in collaboration with the Dept for Transport (DfT) and the Vehicle Certification Agency (VCA) - are based on LowCVP's own in-depth consumer research and member insights. These new labels have been created to better-engage showroom visitors by providing the information that matters most to them in an easy-to-understand and highly visible way.
A new ‘running costs’ section allows motorists to instantly see how their monthly costs can vary between vehicles, emphasising the big savings possible from electric and the most fuel-efficient cars. And because costs are a key motivator, this is one of the best ways to persuade buyers to adopt the very cleanest cars. 
There’s more detail on a car’s emissions too, including whether there are any regulations associated with access to one of the new Clean Air Zones (CAZ).
For plug-in hybrids and pure electric cars, the electric range has been added, helping motorists understand just how capable today’s electric cars are – and their suitability for almost every journey. All the information on the labels uses the latest, more reliable and robust WLTP figures which should be specific to the car on display.
The new car environmental label will be present next to every new car on display in car showrooms or at events. There are three versions – one for petrol and diesel cars, one for plug-in hybrids and a third for pure electric vehicles. 
The associated image shows the label for a plug-in hybrid car.
Keeping Consumers Informed
LowCVP has produced a simple dealer guide to make showroom visitors (and staff) aware of the redesigned car label and how the new information helps motorists choose the lowest carbon car for their journey. This will be freely distributed to all National Franchised Dealers Association (NFDA) members, to make available for visitors.

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