NatWest and Octopus join forces to accelerate EV uptake

Tue 16 February 2021 View all news

NatWest Group and Octopus Energy have launched a joint offer to help people and businesses with the adoption of electric vehicles and the renewable energy supply to power them.

Targeted at NatWest’s retail, business and wealth customers, the package will enable the purchase of EV chargepoints at discounted rates.

The package includes: 

  • Discounted EV charging technology and installation
  • Funding options from NatWest
  • Access to innovative and green electricity tariffs and smart meters from Octopus Energy
  • Free access to Octopus Energy’s ‘Electric Juice Network’ - the UK’s only EV roaming service which allows customers to access public charge points across the country, with all costs appearing on their energy bill
  • Solar and battery technology to complement the core charging infrastructure offer 
  • Potential grid upgrade and access to fleet management software if required

Octopus Energy will provide the delivery and installation of the service, using dedicated engineers to install EV charge points, smart metering and new grid connections where current capacity is insufficient. Octopus is also providing its Agile Octopus tariff, the world’s first half-hourly tariff, allowing customers to charge during off-peak hours and, potentially, make considerable savings on their energy bills.

James Close, Head of Climate Change of NatWest Group (a Zemo Partnership member company) commented: "By working with Octopus Energy, we are offering a bundled solution to help people and businesses go green. We are determined to play an active role in the UK’s transition to a low carbon economy and this access to EV charging technology will make it easier and more affordable for our customers to make a positive difference to our environment.”

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