Market forces should decide technology choice - Dutch Environment Secretary

Thu 21 October 2004 View all news

There is no technological 'silver bullet' for dealing with climate change according to Pieter Van Geel, Holland's Environment Secretary, speaking at the EU's 'Energy in Motion' conference which was timed to coincide with Holland's EU Presidency.

Mr Van Geel said: "We mustn't get involved in a battle over the best choice of new fuel or power technology. The most sensible approach is to explore various alternatives and encourage cross-fertilisation between them. Market forces must decide which technologies get developed. It is not for government to promote a particular technology, but to solve the problems of society."

He said, however, that European policy is developing far too slowly in the area of carbon abatement from transport and that the Commission should be prepared to legislate to secure lower vehicle carbon limits.

The 'Energy in Motion' (19-20 October) conference was addressed by a range of high profile international speakers including LowCVP Director, Greg Archer. Mr Archer spoke on the experience of the Partnership approach in the UK.

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