LowCVP's first online Annual Conference attracts 700 delegates; avoids over 120,000 travel miles

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Wed 29 July 2020 View all news

LowCVP's 2020 Annual Conference, 'Reset 2020', which took place online on July 15, was attended by over 700 delegates. The event included a keynote speech by the Transport Secretary Grant Shapps as well as contributions from a wide range of leading transport and environment stakeholders. It enabled opportunities for delegates to visit exhibitions, 'speed network' and interact in speaker sessions through polls and Q&As. Based on the feedback survey, over 120,000 delegate miles were avoided compared with a London-based physical event. Conference resources and recordings are now available.  

Over 1000 delegates registered for the free event, the first LowCVP Annual Conference to take place fully online. Around 700 (or 70%) of registrants attended on the day with attendance peaking at around 600 and remaining above 500 for much of the event.

Had the event been held in London (as has been typical for LowCVP's past Annual Conferences) the average journey distance for each delegate would have been 180 miles. Based on responses to a feedback survey (12% of all delegates) the total travel distance avoided as a result of the event being held online was over 120,000 miles. 

Announcing the new vision and renaming plan for “resetting the LowCVP”, Managing Director Andy Eastlake reflected on the in-conference surveys. These established that to achieve net zero, delegates overwhelmingly support ambitious and innovative policy action starting immediately across a wide range of potential transport opportunites. Delegates also perceive that the public are ready to support government and industry in adopting such an approach.

Conference resources are now available to be accessed. These include: 

  • Secretary of State Grant Shapps’ keynote speech video
  • Pre-recorded policy pitch videos
  • The conference brochure and full agenda
  • Sponsor, exhibitor and partner information
  • Event press release
  • Pre-event stakeholder survey results
  • Links to presentations used by speakers (Note: LowCVP members-only access) (Just added!)
  • Recordings of the online sessions (Just added!)

Based on the responses of 84 participants (12% of attendees), the event was given an average rating of 4-stars (out of 5). Close to 80% of participants said they were actively in attendance at the conference for over half the time with around 60% staying for the full (11.30am to 4.30pm) duration of plenary sessions. 

77% of participants rated the platform used for the event (Hopin) as 'very good' or 'good' with 15% more rating it 'average'. Over 80% of participants rated the speaker sessions as 'very good' or 'good' with a further 15% answering average.

More respondents (26%) would prefer the 2021 LowCVP Annual Conference to be held in digital form only than (20%) in physical form again. However, the remaining small majority (53%) would prefer it to be held in a hybrid - both physical and virtual - form, if external conditions allow.

Visit the LowCVP Annual Conference resources page for more information.

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