LowCVP/APC Life Cycle Week webinar recordings now available

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Sun 19 July 2020 View all news

The series of webinars hosted by LowCVP and the Advanced Propulsion Centre in early July are now available to view on demand. The effective life cycle assessment (LCA) of emissions from road transport is becoming increasingly vital as we transition away from fossil-based combustion fuels and towards electricity and other solutions and delve further into the full impacts of our transport choices. The webinars covered different aspects of this complex challenge...
As APC's Philippa Oldham - who co-organised the webinar series with LowCVP's Gloria Esposito - wrote in a related blog: "We are at a critical point where we need to shift thinking to become holistic. I worry that there is a misunderstanding in some groups that by shifting to electric vehicles we will automatically solve our transport emissions crisis, and reduce the impact that our automotive sector is having on climate change – this is not the case.
"To address this, we need to start talking more about sustainability. Sustainability is not just an environmental challenge, but also a social and economic one. But how much control do we globally have over these three challenges? From an environmental perspective, everyone has the opportunity to make a difference, but to achieve this we need to start talking about life cycle analysis (LCA)."
Life cycle analysis can be used to reveal possible trade-offs between environmental impacts at the different life cycle phases, as well as between different impact categories. It is a technique for quantifying the environmental and human health impacts of a product over its lifespan and is often referred to as ‘cradle-to-grave analysis’, ‘eco-balance’ or ‘environmental foot-printing’.
LowCVP and APC have been working together to help organisations up and down the supply chain and across each of the life cycle stages consider how to adopt a more comprehensive LCA approach. 
During the week of 6th July 2020, the APC and LowCVP brought together experts from across the life cycle stages to help provide insight to some of the challenges and opportunities that we face globally.
The sessions demonstrated how we can all make a difference and highlight where the UK can lead the way. 

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