LowCVP MD to provide evidence to EFRA Committee inquiry on air quality

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Sun 20 December 2015 View all news

The LowCVP Managing Director, Andy Eastlake, will be providing evidence to the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (EFRA) Committee inquiry on air quality on January 13, 2016. The LowCVP has been asked to provide evidence on the inter-relationship between the climate and air quality agendas; where they complement each other and where there are areas of tension.

The Committee's inquiry is looking into whether Defra’s proposals for reducing emissions of key pollutants, including NO2, go far enough and fast enough to meet EU standards? 

The questions to be considered include:

Do Defra and/or other central government departments need to intervene more directly, via regulatory or fiscal incentives to reduce emissions from transport or energy use for example?

How effectively does Defra collaborate with and co-ordinate action with local authorities, devolved administrations, and other government departments to develop coherent strategies for reducing emissions of key air pollutants?

Do Defra’s plans correctly identify and support the role of local authorities in reducing air pollution?

On transport emissions the Committee wants to know if the correct incentives are in place to support consumers and businesses in reducing transport emissions, for example to move away from diesel and petrol vehicles towards low emission options or to promote other forms of transport? 

It is also investigating whether recently highlighted disparities between laboratory and real-world emissions from vehicles mean that Defra should remodel the assumptions behind its plans to meet EU requirements?

For more information, visit the EFRA Committee website.

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