LowCVP issues 'Challenge' to accelerate the shift to low carbon road transport

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The Low Carbon Vehicle Partnership has issued a challenge to the UK's transport policy and academic communities to contribute original or innovative proposals to enable the UK to accelerate the shift to low carbon vehicles and fuels and help meet climate change targets.

The Challenge is primarily aimed at those involved in transport/environment policy studies who may be located in ‘think-tanks’, academia or within other NGOs. Some are already partners in the LowCVP, but a specific intention of the initiative is to engage organisations and individuals who are not yet active in the Partnership. No organisation either inside or outside the Partnership will be excluded from submitting a proposal.


The Low Carbon Vehicle Partnership seeks original or innovative proposals that have the potential to contribute towards carbon reduction targets, including those outlined in the Government’s 2002 ‘Powering Future Vehicles’ Strategy. Initial proposals should fall within one (or more) of the subject areas listed below:

-         fiscal and regulatory measures
-         consumer information
-         motor/fuels industry protocols or voluntary measures
-         promoting industry co-operation/harmonising the low carbon supply chain


Introducing the Challenge, the LowCVP Director Greg Archer said: “I believe that this is the sort of initiative that the Partnership was created for. I hope that the UK’s policy-influencing and academic communities will come forward with some innovative ideas that will help us take some significant steps forward in the battle to mitigate climate change.


“Those taking up the Challenge will have the opportunity to gain significant exposure and publicity for their ideas, enhance the credibility of their proposals and have the potential to influence policy development.”


Professor Mike Hulme, Director of the Tyndall Centre said: "Climate Change presents society with immense new challenges, especially in the area of road transport. We need creative and practical solutions which are both radical yet sympathetic to people's aspirations for a better future. The Tyndall Centre welcomes this initiative and intends to participate actively to help make it a success.”


Environment Minister Elliot Morley, whose official car is an energy-efficient electric-hybrid Toyota Prius, said: " I am delighted to see that the Low Carbon Vehicle Partnership is also issuing a 'challenge' to the transport and academic communities to come up with vital solutions to enable the UK to accelerate the shift to low carbon fuels and vehicles as part of the drive to reduce carbon emissions and combat man-made climate change."


The Government has recently announced that, as part of the UK's G8 and EU Presidencies, it is to host an Environmentally Friendly Vehicles Conference at the National Motorcycle Museum, near Birmingham, on November 10-11. This will provide an opportunity for those within and outside the motor sector to demonstrate how they are producing the greener vehicles of the future. 


The various stages of the Low Carbon Road Transport Challenge will be covered by leading transport policy journal ‘Local Transport Today’, which will also be collaborating in the initiative and participating in the 2006 conference.
For more information about the Challenge, visit the LowCVP website home page and click on the image above, or follow the link below.


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