LowCVP gives feedback to Government's Climate Change Review

Fri 04 February 2005 View all news

LowCVP has summarised the key points from the workshop sessions held at the annual conference which were set up to provide feedback to the Government's Climate Change Programme Review.

Around 200 conference delegates attended the six workshop sessions which covered the main areas of concern for the road transport sector:

- Should road transport be included in the EU ETS? (W1)

- Fiscal and related policies to drive demand for low carbon vehicles (W2) and fuels (W3)

- How to market low carbon vehicles and enthuse consumers (W4)

- How to stimulate excellence in supply of low carbon automotive technologies (W5)

- How to reduce overall traffic/demand for travel (W6)

The findings - which represent the views of delegates and are not neccessarily the consensus view of the LowCVP - have been summarised and presented to members and relevant officials.

Among the top-line feedback provided from workshop sessions include the suggestions that Government should consider both the effects of widening existing carbon-based VED bands and look into the options for introducing a 'feebate'-type scheme to encourage the purchase of lower carbon models (W2).

There was support for the development of a biofuels standard and/or a scheme to certify the climate change and wider environmental impacts of biofuels as part of a Renewable Transport Fuels Obligation (W3).

To encourage consumer uptake of low carbon vehicles, there was support for the idea of improving the availability of information on 'whole life' financial costs and encouraging their amenity value (through preferential parking, access rights etc) (W2 and W4).

There were also calls to improve links between land use planning and transport and for more support for workplace and travel to school planning (W6).

The outputs from the workshops were presented to the Government's Low Carbon Ministerial Group which is chaired by Parliamentary Under-Secretary David Jamieson of the Department for Transport.

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