LowCVP Conference, July 15, to focus on 'seizing the moment' for greener road transport - BOOK NOW!

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Fri 29 May 2020 View all news

LowCVP's Annual Conference online will focus on how the UK can seize the opportunity for an investment-led green recovery in road transport as we emerge from the pandemic. The event will also provide a forum for policy ideas and proposals to help inform the Government's 2020 Transport Decarbonisation Plan. It will utilise the latest in digital conferencing technology to maximise the opportunities for interactivity, information sharing and networking. The event is open for bookings (free to delegates) now.


The LowCVP's Annual Conference has been a leading event in the environmental transport calendar for over 15 years, regularly attracting government ministers, key civil servants and senior representatives of industry, academia, governmental organisations, NGOs and others.

"RESET 2020: Driving the green recovery" is now open for bookings. Scheduled for Wednesday, July 15, it will aim to answer the question: How can we seize the opportunity for an investment-led green recovery in road transport?

Exhibition and Sponsorship Opportunities: The LowCVP Annual Conference includes opportunities for sponsorship and will include a virtual exhibition and networking space. Expressions of interest in sponsoring and/or exhibition at the event are now being invited. (Email the LowCVP Secretariat for more information.)

The Conference will showcase positive, actionable proposals to inform the development of the UK’s Transport Decarbonisation Plan. Speakers will be invited to comment on the implications for low emissions road transport of the pandemic and the opportunities and challenges the dramatic recent changes have created. There will be ‘votable’ proposals to be endorsed or challenged by the ‘community of experts’ attending the event.

Conference themes will include:

  • What does the experience of the Spring/Summer 2020 lockdown mean for the ‘green’ transport agenda and what positive learning can we take from it?
  • What are the implications for the Transport Decarbonisation Plan (TDP) and UK progress on the 'Road to Zero'?
  • How can the UK set the standard for road transport decarbonisation to the world as we approach CoP26 in Glasgow 2021

In addition to (as ever) leading speakers and highly topical themes, the LowCVP Annual Conference on-line will feature interactive debates, polls and surveys. A pre-event survey of LowCVP stakeholder opinions on the conference themes will be presented on the day and help to inform the discussions.


There will be opportunities for facilitated digital networking during the Conference within an exhibition format with themed ‘stalls’ and one-to-one discussion capability.

Afternoon, parallel, facilitated break-out sessions will provide the opportunity for a 'deeper dive' into the conference themes as they impact on specific sectors of road transport (eg public transport, freight, individual mobility) and how each can contribute to positive impacts as we emerge from lockdown and to the TDP and progress on the 'Road to Zero'.

Commenting on the event, LowCVP's Neil Wallis said; "We intend to make the most of the latest digital technology to enable this event to stand out: there will be short, punchy talks, debates, voting on policy propositions and a variety of opportunities for interacting with speakers and other delegates...we may even try to sort out a digital drink or two for the networking!"

The Conference will be free to all delegates and there will be reduced cost exhibition and sponsorship opportunities for LowCVP members.

Further event announcements and booking details will be made soon.

For more information, contact the LowCVP Secretariat.

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