LowCVP at the Party Conferences

Fri 09 July 2004 View all news

LowCVP newsletter subscribers and others are invited to attend fringe events involving the Partnership which will take place at the Labour, LibDem and Conservative Conferences over the coming month.

In collaboration with the UK Petroleum Industry Association (UKPIA), LowCVP are organising the following events:

LibDem Conference, Bournemouth, Tuesday 21 September, Bryanston Room, Highcliff Hotel, 9.15pm: "Future Fuels Reception". Speakers: Greg Archer (Director LowCVP), Vince Cable (LibDem Treasury Spokesman) and Chris Hunt (UKPIA). Refreshments provided. The reception will follow a fringe meeting on future fuels and vehicles, organised by the Energy Saving Trust.

Labour Conference, Brighton, Monday 27 September, Sussex Arts Centre, Ship Street, 12.45-2pm. "How should we fuel our cars for a lower carbon future?" fringe meeting: Chair - Graham Smith (Chairman of LowCVP), Elliot Morley (Environment Minister), Andrew Simms (New Economics Foundation), Chris Hunt (UKPIA).

Conservative Conference, Bournemouth, Wednesday 6 October, Stour 2 - Bournemouth International Centre (Note: security pass required), 12.30-2pm. "Fuels and vehicles for a lower carbon future" fringe meeting: Chair - Tony Brown (LowCVP board member), Damian Green (Conservative Environment Spokesman), Chris Hunt (UKPIA), Guy Senior (London Borough of  Wandsworth).

For further information, please contact the LowCVP Secretariat on: 020 7222 8000

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