Low Carbon Bus Programme applications - Deadline extended

Mon 02 February 2004 View all news

The 3 million pounds Low Carbon Bus Programme, initiated by the LowCVP Bus Working Group in June 2003 and launched in September, has attracted a number of applications with a wide range of low carbon technologies. The Programme, a key stepping stone in achieving the Government’s low carbon bus targets for 2010, has been launched to demonstrate the benefits of low carbon buses across a broad range of routes. Operators and manufacturers in the UK are invited to express an interest in signing up. Technologies put forward so far include flywheels, long-range electric vehicle, diesel electric hybrid, CNG electric hybrid and turbine hybrids. The Energy Saving Trust, who administer the programme, recently declared that the deadline for expressions of interest had been extended to the end of July 2004. At their next meeting on 05 February the LowCVP Bus Working Group will discuss ways of encouraging further take-up of the programme.

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