Labour Party manifesto pledges to restore 2030 phase-out target for new ICE car sales

Thu 13 June 2024 View all news

The Labour Party manifesto says that should the party win the General Election on July 4th, it will reinstate the plan to phase-out sales of conventional ICE cars by 2030. The pledge is matched in the Liberal Democrats manifesto while the Greens would end the sale of petrol and diesel-powered vehicles by 2027 and to their use on the road by 2035. 

In addition to restoring the 2030 phase-out date, the Labour manifesto also promises to "support buyers of second-hand electric cars by standardising the information supplied on the condition of batteries".

With opinion polls suggesting that Labour is likely to form the next Government, the earlier phase-out date will mean that the UK will need to move faster towards ending ICE car sales than most large competitor countries.  

The Liberal Democrats would also bring the ICE phase-out target forward to 2030 as well as reintroducing the plug-in car grant which was ended by the Conservative Government in 2022. However, neither the LibDem or Labour manifestoes are completely clear about whether their plans would mean that cars with “significant zero-emission capability” could remain on sale until 2035, which had been the plan before Rishi Sunak’s rowback in September 2023.

The Green Party says is would make road tax proportional to vehicle weight and would provide more support for ordinary car users, small businesses and firms using heavy goods vehicles to transition away from ICEs.

The incumbent Conservative Party say that if reelected they would “back drivers” by stopping road pricing and reversing the ULEZ expansion in London.

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