Hydrogen bus project

Sat 22 January 2005 View all news

The London fuel cell bus project has proved a success so far according to the operators, Transport for London.

The hydrogen fuel cell buses which have operated on route RV1, between Covent Garden and Tower Gateway, are part of a European scheme in which similar buses are being trialled in ten European cities.

Between January and December 2004, TfL said that the buses travelled over 23,000 miles and were fully operational for almost 3,400 hours.

Mike Weston, the project leader at TfL said: "The buses have excelled in reliability and have been very popular with passengers who have appreciated the amazing environmental benefits of fuel cell technology and the quiet, smooth ride." 

He said: "This project is a positive indication that hydrogen fuel cells could offer an alternative to diesel in the future."

However, he added: "The high cost of the hydrogen-powered buses is the main barrier at the moment."

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