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Zemo is seeking input from stakeholders to help create more consistent and accessible communications around the use of EV chargepoints in the UK. Please help us by answering the survey linked below.

The Public Charge Point Regulations 2023 define two key thresholds of chargepoint power rating. (8kW and above and 50kW and above). To date, the accepted categorisation has been based on Zap-Map statistics naming  slow (3-6kW); fast (7-22kW); rapid (25-99kW) and ultra-rapid (100kW+) chargepoints. (These have been adopted in experimental government statistics.) 

However, this banding is now inconsistent with the new regulations (8kW threshold and ‘rapid’ defined as 50kW and above) and with many other documents, brochures and labels.  In addition the market has evolved with little consistency in how terms such as  'fast' or 'standard' should be used, with different companies using these (and other terms) in very different ways.

For the new drivers this confusion is creating another barrier to EV acceptance and also adding to opportunities for those seeking to undermine the electric transition.

Zemo has been working with its community to try to simplify and commonise the names and descriptions of chargepoints to help mainstream consumers better understand this market. A core group of key EV voices including Zemo, OZEV, ZapMap, Charge UK and other Zemo members have agreed that a common approach would be beneficial.

New power bandings for public chargepoints have been agreed as: 8kW and below; 8-49kW; 50-149kW and over 150kW.   These will begin to be adopted in future government statistics and across as many channels as we can encourage.

But with names like slow, fast and rapid, or low, medium and high (power) there is still potential for confusion so we are asking for views on the most suitable 'labels' to adopt.

Linked is our short (10 min) survey for you to have your say to help us create consistent and comprehensible chargepoint consumer communications.

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