Government to use EU Presidency to boost climate change efforts

Mon 23 August 2004 View all news

The Government aims to use Britain's influence as chair of the G8 group of nations next year and its forthcoming EU Presidency to push the climate change agenda at the highest possible level.

Environment minister, Lord Whitty said: "Internationally our first priority is climate change - in the long term probably the most important issue we face as a global community.

"Climate change is already happening due to the release of greenhouse gases, mainly carbon dioxide. The UK is one of the strongest supporters of the Kyoto Protocol to cut emissions worldwide. Enormous challenges remain, however."

He added: "We are thinking long-term. The Government's Energy White Paper sets a goal to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by around 60 per cent by 2050. Other developed countries must follow suit. We need a global shift in the way we produce energy. We need a low-carbon economy."

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