Government publishes final results of Future of Transport: rural strategy call for evidence

Mon 02 October 2023 View all news

The Government has published the final results of its consultation on the future of transport in a rural context. Also published is a policy paper supporting rural transport innovation.

Following the urban strategy call for evidence which was published in March 2019, the Department for Transport sought views and evidence on what could be incorporated into a Future of Transport: rural strategy.

The Future of Transport, Rural Innovation policy paper, published on the same day as the Plan for Drivers, summarised the Future of Transport rural strategy call for evidence. It gives nine principles for the future of rural mobility many of which focus on the new modes and shared or public transport in contrast to the car-centric Plan for Drivers.

It outlines nine key principles for transport in the rural context:

1. New modes of transport and new mobility services must be safe and secure by design.

2.  Innovation in transport should consider the needs of rural transport users and must be available and accessible to all parts of the UK and all segments of society.

3.  Walking, wheeling, cycling and micromobility must be enabled as the best options for short rural journeys.

4.  Affordable and accessible public transport and shared mobility must be fundamental to an efficient rural transport system.

5.  New transport modes and services in rural areas should support a rapid transition to zero emissions and be adapted to climate change.

6.  Innovation should improve road efficiency and reduce congestion by promoting shared mobility, improving user choice and consolidating freight.

7.  The marketplace for mobility must be open to stimulate innovation and give the best deal to users, working alongside local authorities to complement existing services.

8.  New transport services must be designed to operate as part of an integrated system that combines public and private modes with community-led schemes for transport users.

9. Data from new transport services must be shared where appropriate to improve both choice and the operation of the transport system.

There were 736 responses received from individuals and organisations to the call for evidence.

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