Government projections forecast continuing rise in CO2 emissions from road transport

Tue 21 December 2004 View all news

The latest Government projections for CO2 emissions from road transport anticipate a continuing, if less steep, rise in emissions to 2020, even when the impacts of climate policy measures are included.

In his response to a written parliamentary question on 21st December, Environment Minister Elliot Morley provided figures showing carbon dioxide emissions in each decade since 1974, and gave estimates of figures to 2020.

The Government expects an increase of around 18% in total annual emissions from road transport in the next 15 years; a significantly slower rate of increase than over the last 15 years.

The figures given in the minister's answer were: Decade average road transport emissions over each decade (Mt CO 2 )/yr)
1974–83 73.90
1984–93 100.20
1994–2002(2) 114.94
Projected annual road transport emissions (Mt CO 2 )/yr1
2005 118.80
2010 126.50
2015 133.83
2020 140.06

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