Government launches new website to inform travel choices

Thu 30 December 2004 View all news

Transport Secretary Alistair Darling has launched a new transport website which will enable travellers to make informed choices about their journeys within the UK.

Transport Direct aims to provide a comprehensive, easy-to-use multi-modal travel information and ticketing service with real time information about delays and congestion on all forms of transport.

Users can type in their starting point and destination and the programme will offer maps, timetable information and other data for travelling by bus, tram, train, car or on foot.

The idea for Transport Direct arose from a study by the Commission for Integrated Transport (CfIT) which showed that a lack of easily accessible information was one of several important factors influencing travellers propensity to consider alternative means of travelling to a destination, other than the private car. 

The CfIT study showed that providing effective information is one of the most cost effective ways of encouraging people to change their travel behaviour and to use transport options causing less congestion and pollution. 

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