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Thu 28 April 2022 View all news

Following the success of the Energy Taskforce report launch ('Charging the Future - Drivers for Success') in London on 31 March, the Taskforce held two webinars in association with national Green Infrastructure Week focusing on two important areas of the EV infrastructure transition. Both webinars were recorded and are now available to review.

The two events were: 

EV Energy Taskforce - Commercial EV Fleet Charging Requirements (Held on 26 April)

Commercial fleets play a pivotal role within the UK economy and could lead our electric vehicle revolution. However, whilst many UK operators have ambitious targets to electrify by 2030, the perceived lack of an adequate charging infrastructure is often cited as a key barrier to the large-scale rollout of electrified fleets. This Electric Vehicle Energy Taskforce webinar provided insights into industries’ opinion of the current EV charging options and, crucially, their views on future requirements to enable the mass uptake of EVs by fleets. (Recording link)

Encouraging Investments in Public Charging Infrastructure > Hosted by EV Energy Taskforce (Held on 28 April)

As awareness and excitement for electric vehicles grows, ‘charging anxiety’ has replaced range anxiety as a key barrier to EV adoption. While this is partly down to a lack of consumer understanding and ‘misinformation’, there’s no doubt that further investment in the UK’s public charging infrastructure is required if we’re to give motorists both the means and confidence to switch to electric and achieve our phase-out targets. This Electric Vehicle Energy Taskforce webinar explored the different business models currently used and expected within the charging market. It provided investors and policymakers with the information and analysis to make clear, bold decisions to help remove the barriers and offer the solutions and incentives necessary to encourage the sizeable investment required within this rapidly developing sector. (Recording link)

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