EV battery recycling - Zemo webinar recording now available!

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Thu 24 March 2022 View all news

Anyone who missed Zemo Partnership's EV battery recycling webinar (part of Zemo's life-cycle analysis series) can now watch the recorded event on-line and access the presentation materials.

Over 100 delegates viewed the event live (on 23 March) to see Zemo Partnership representatives joined by range of expert speakers to discuss the latest insights into lithium battery recycling.

The quantity of lithium-batteries used in vehicles is expected to increase nearly ten-fold in the next decade. This will result in an exponential increase in the demand for recycling, which is essential to recover critical metals such as lithium, nickel and cobalt, reducing the carbon footprint of battery electric vehicles and achieving circularity in the battery supply chain.

The webinar explored several key questions:

  • Why is battery recycling vital in the transition to zero emission mobility?
  • What are the latest developments in lithium battery recycling?
  • What opportunities exist for the UK in relation to battery recycling?
  • What hurdles need to be overcome to ensure a sustainable battery value chain?
  • What role can LCA play in driving circularity in end-of life batteries?

Watch the webinar on-line here

The presentation materials are downloadable here


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