'Euro 5' expected to enter force by mid-2008

Sat 08 January 2005 View all news

The European Commission has announced a consultation on the next round of car emission standards. It is expected to propose levels for 'Euro V' by the end of 2005, and intends that they should enter force by mid-2008.

Under the proposals, new petrol cars would have to observe a NOx emission limit of 60mg/km, down from 80mg currently. Hydrocarbon (HC) emissions would be limited to 75mg/km rather than 100mg.

The Commission is recommending that all new diesel cars be fitted with a filter to reduce particulate emissions to 5mg per kilometre (mg/km), down from 25mg/km under Euro IV.

A 200mg/km limit is proposed for diesel nitrogen oxides (NOx), down from 250mg.

The new proposals will also close a loophole that enabled SUVs to be classed as heavy vehicles and therefore meet reduced emission standards.

ENDS reports that industry commissioner Gunter Verheugen said the draft proposal was "ambitious but realistic. The new emission limits will open the way to cleaner cars... [and] industry gets a clear perspective and the time to prepare".

The environmental transport group T&E called the extra four month delay "unfortunate, given that things are already going so slowly". Jos Dings said the 5mg target for PM emissions was not ambitious enough, given that "filters that can achieve one or two grams already exist".

Meanwhile, Acea, the EU car industry association said it was too early to comment on the proposals.

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