EU Competitiveness Report says car sector 'not green enough'

Thu 12 February 2004 View all news

According to the 2004 Competitiveness Report from the European Commission, the European car industry is strong in many aspects but is falling behind Japanese manufacturers in terms of environmental technologies.

The competitiveness of the European car industry is defined as the ability to gain or defend market share on the international market by relying on price and/or product quality. 

A major challenge, according to the report, lies in the advantage Japanese car makers have gained in developing 'green' technologies, especially new technology/fuel combinations including fuel cells.

The report suggests that R&D objectives in the automotive industry should be directed towards developing environmentally friendly vehicles and, in particular, finding technology/fuel solutions to ensure long-term security of supply.

The report calls for the development of  fuel cell technology as standardised products within the next twenty or so years.

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