Environmental Audit Committee reports on Climate Change Strategy

Mon 08 November 2004 View all news

The Environmental Audit Committee's latest report 'Budget 2004 and Energy' contends that the Government's Climate Change Strategy is not on course to deliver target carbon reductions. The Committee highlights transport as a key area of concern in terms of emissions and calls on the Government to use future fuel duty increases to subsidise spending on low carbon alternatives to conventional fuels. 

The Committee report says that carbon emissions from transport are still moving in the wrong direction and suggests that the Government should: "use fiscal incentives at its disposal to curb transport growth while at the same time ensuring that there is sufficient investment in low-carbon public transport systems..."

The Committee fears that the voluntary ACEA agreement may not deliver forecast emission reductions and also doubts whether Government targets for low carbon vehicles in 2010 and 2020 are particularly helpful apart from giving a signal to industry.

While welcoming the introduction of the Alternative Fuels Framework, the Committee says that the Government must make clearer and longer term choices on the role it sees for biofuels, LPG and CNG in the future.

The Environmental Audit Committee is a Select Committee appointed by the House of Commons to consider the effectiveness of government programmes to protect the environment. It is comprised of 16 MPs from all parties and chaired by Peter Ainsworth, a former Conservative environment minister.

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