DfT & LowCVP launch campaign to help motorists ‘Know Your Fuel’

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Wed 08 May 2019 View all news

New labelling on fuel dispensers and nozzles is being introduced as a result of new regulations by the Department for Transport. The new labels - to be introduced by 1st September 2019 - will help drivers to choose the right fuel for their vehicle. The LowCVP is working with the DfT and key industry stakeholders to help ensure a smooth transition.

To help ensure a trouble-free introduction of these new labels, it's important that customers and forecourt staff are fully aware of the new labels and what they mean, and that they're reassured that absolutely nothing has changed with the fuel itself.

The Low Carbon Vehicle Partnership, working with the DfT and key industry stakeholders has produced a fully-integrated ‘Know Your Fuel’ new fuel labelling launch marketing campaign’ for fuel retailers, suppliers and others within the industry to use. This is designed to make it as easy as possible to effectively communicate the core campaign message in a clear, consistent way: new fuel labels have been introduced in the UK and all customers need to do is learn their label and keep filling up in the normal way.

All elements of the new fuel labelling launch marketing campaign are contained in the ‘Know You Fuel’ Campaign Toolkit, which you can download here.

This toolkit includes a comprehensive set of high-quality, ready-made government-approved campaign materials that can be deployed across petrol forecourts and marketing channels to inform and reassure customers and staff. There’s also all the various elements needed to create your own communications, plus guidance on messaging, copy and how to apply the branding.

To support the campaign, a dedicated website has been set up: www.KnowYourFuel.campaign.gov.uk. This includes a full set of ‘frequently asked questions’ to further inform and reassure motorists.

It's expected that this campaign will begin to gradually appear across the UK from June, as retailers start to introduce the new fuel labels on their forecourts.

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