DfT announces car share lane on M1 motorway

Sun 12 September 2004 View all news

The Department for Transport has announced the introduction of a 'high occupancy' (HOV) or carpool lane on the M1 motorway with the aim of encouraging motorists to share cars and cut congestion and emissions.

Britain's first HOV motorway lane will be trialled between junctions 7 and 10 (Milton Keynes South to St Albans). The car sharing lane will operate at peak times to help minimise delay and congestion for road users.

DfT draws attention to the fact that carpool lanes have been introduced with great effect in both Australia and the USA and already exist in the UK in Leeds and South Gloucestershire. They say that increasing car occupancy rates could reduce the numbers of cars on the road by 5% and, thus, significantly cut congestion.

If the scheme proves successful, the Government says it will consider extending the car-sharing lane as far as Junction 13 when this section of the motorway is widened.

Transport Secretary Alistair Darling also announced that the Highways Agency will now carry out further investigations into introducing car-sharing lanes on the M61 and M62.

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