Coalition of NGOs warns on climate threat

Mon 25 October 2004 View all news

A coalition of 15 leading NGOs has warned that climate change threatens to reverse human progress and make poverty reduction goals unattainable.

The report 'Up in Smoke' from LowCVP members RSPB and a coalition including WWF, Greenpeace and Christian Aid, calls on the international community to take urgent action on a number of fronts. Key objectives, they say, should be the introduction of a global risk assessment of the likely costs of adaptation to climate change in poor countries and an undertaking by industrialised countries to cut CO2 emissions in the order of 60 - 80% (relative to 1990 levels) by the middle of this century.

Meanwhile, the Energy Saving Trust has issued a report in partnership with the UK Climate Impacts Programme - 'Forecasting the Future' - which says that climate change could result in £200bn of property and infrastructure damage from flooding and coastal erosion by 2050.

The EST says that reducing energy use in the home must be a key part of any solution.

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