Climate Change Communications Campaign launched by Defra

Wed 12 January 2005 View all news

An initiative to raise public awareness about the links between fossil fuel use and climate change has been launched by Environment Secretary Margaret Beckett and Climate Change Minister Elliot Morley.

Under the banner "Tomorrow's Climate, Today's Challenge" the three year campaign seeks to inspire action to raise climate change awareness at the local level.  

A £6m fund has been set up to support private sector groups, organisations and charities to carry out local initiatives that will raise awareness and understanding of climate change and its effects.

There are also a series of new communication resources - including a printed guide, a short film and radio 'filler' advertisements as well as a new website - that aim to tell the story of climate change and seek to inspire people to get involved in the campaign. All resource materials are downloadable from the Climate Challenge website (link below).

Mrs Beckett said: "Climate change affects all of us - so all of us need to hold the key to solving this issue. Government, business and NGOs need to work in partnership to engage people from all walks of life to tackle climate change."

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