British Council launches 'ZeroCarbonCity' campaign

Mon 03 January 2005 View all news

The British Council have launched ZeroCarbonCity', a global campaign aimed at reframing the international climate change debate by exploring the energy challenges facing the largest cities of the world.

The aim of the initiative is to raise awareness and stimulate debate around climate change and the challenges we face, reinforcing the UK’s commitment to tackling climate change.

The campaign was launched by Lord Kinnock in early March. The programme for the campaign will include visits to over 60 countries around the world with a wide variety of activities taking place. These will include a global online debate supported by a series of articles by scientists, technologists, city planners and policy makers; a series of city debates in each country; a touring exhibition plus supporting materials including a book and catalogue (NorthSouthEastWest)
and a range of other drama-based and educational activities.

In a statement supporting the campaign launch, the Secretary of State for the Environment, Margaret Beckett said:  "I believe ZeroCarbonCity will help generate a fresh perspective on climate change, building awareness of the challenges and potential solutions, and fostering debate about the action that is needed to combat one of the greatest problems facing not only us, but our children and our grandchildren."

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