Biofuels strategy for Ireland published

Tue 28 December 2004 View all news

Ireland's national energy agency has published a strategy outlining how it plans to meet the EU Biofuels Directive.

The Directive states that by 2010,  5.75 % of the fossil fuels sold on each member state's transport market should be replaced by biofuels.

To assist the Irish Government in the formulation of goals and strategies as required by this Directive, Sustainable Energy Ireland commissioned a consortium to quantify the impacts of the establishment of an Irish biofuel industry and to identify the best strategy for its implementation.

The report recommends a more detailed evaluation of the effectiveness of excise duty exemption and the advantages and disadvantages of various alternative incentive systems.

It states that the value added for Ireland will be created when residues with few other uses are converted to biofuel and when set-aside land is fully exploited.

The authors expect that it is likely that the full EC biofuel objectives can only be met by Ireland in the presence of direct or indirect imports.

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