Beckett, Darling visit LowCVP's 'Green Vehicle Expo'

Fri 10 December 2004 View all news

In a statement issued to coincide with her visit to a 'Green Vehicle Expo' during the Labour Party Conference, Defra Secretary of State Margaret Beckett said: "Climate Change is a reality. It isn't just an issue for Government, environmentalists and the scientific community - it's an issue for everybody, every day, and we all have a part to play."

Alistair Darling, Secretary of State for Transport, joined Mrs Beckett on a tour of the low carbon vehicle display on Brighton beachfront, co-organised by LowCVP and the Energy Saving Trust to take place on the first day of the Labour Party Conference.

The Secretaries of State were guided around the vehicle display - which included a hydrogen fuel cell bus - by Greg Archer, Director of LowCVP, and Tim Curtis of the Energy Saving Trust.

In her statement, Mrs Beckett picked up on the Prime Minister's call for a 'new, green industrial revolution', she said: "The vehicles we can see here today showcase technologies that represent the beginning of that revolution."

The 'Green Vehicle Expo' was one of a series of events involving LowCVP at this year's party conferences.

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