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The Zero Emission Vehicle Transition Council (ZEVTC) which was formed in November 2020 has announced its 2022 action plan at COP26, to coincide with 'Transport Day'. 

The Council is an international forum which focuses on enhancing political cooperation in the transition to zero emission vehicles (ZEVs). It brings together ministers from governments that represent over 50% of the global car market. Council members have agreed to collectively address key challenges in the transition to ZEVs with the aim of enabling the transition to be faster, cheaper, and easier for all.

A rapid global transition to zero emission vehicles (ZEV) is vital to meet the goals of the Paris Agreement as road transport accounts for over 10% of global greenhouse gas emissions, and the total emissions are rising faster than any other sector.

In 2022 and beyond, the ZEVTC says it will work to continue to accelerate this transition and implement our respective commitments to keep the Paris Agreement goals within reach. Priority areas have been identified through which the Council can collaborate.

2022 priorities include: 

  1. Charging infrastructure
  2. CO2 or fuel efficiency standards and regulations
  3. Pace of the transition and technology choices for zero emission heavy duty vehicles
  4. Ensure the ZEV transition is truly global

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